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Squat Clearance

The waste can be toxic and often hazardous, and may include drugs, needles, syringes, and even body fluids that can harbour infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV. Day 2 Day Environmental Services specialist cleaning staff are on hand to clean up and ensure your property can be returned to the market place safely and quickly.

When undertaking a vacant property clean and waste removal service Our team ensure the process is performed under the correct conditions safely, using specialist bio hazard cleaning products and sharps removal equipment, staff are operating with protective coveralls and PPE due to the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

For your free quote please call us on 08009750453, Mobile 07398546166 or fill in the Quick Quote.

Our Services Include
Removal of harmful sharps
Decontamination and clean of property
Removal of waste
Fast and pro-active response service

Empty properties, commercial and residential properties are often targeted for vandalism and anti-social behaviour leaving the tenant with the problem of ensuring the building is returned to a clean and safe state after they have been removed.

We also specialise in void property cleaning providing a dedicated and rapid response from skilled professionals who are fully trained to complete hypodermic needle sweeps internally and externally whist removing any harmful sharps to ensure the risk of infection is eliminated.

Stage two is a comprehensive bio hazard clean and disinfection of the property to ensure the property is safe and clean ready for you or your business.

Looking for Squat clearance in Essex & Suffolk Call?

To arrange a free quote, please call us on 08009750453, direct on 07398546166 or fill in our Quick Quote form, we'll be in touch straight away.


We have offices in and around Essex and Suffolk 

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