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Trauma Cleaning Essex & Suffolk

Day 2 Day Environmental Services realises the importance of both professionalism and discretion when dealing with trauma scenes, compulsive hoarding clearances, undiscovered death clean-ups, faeces, blood and urine disinfection and needle and sharp sweeps. This is because very often the unpleasant situation is the result of the misfortune of others. A trauma scene, an unattended death, a pest infestation or a ‘life of grime’ hoarding scenario. They can all be efficiently and safely cleared, cleaned and sanitised by us in no time at all.


we provide the following:

  • A free site visit and inspection.

  • Agree a day and time appointment and stick to it.

  • Provide a free no obligation quotation.

  • Be professional, discreet and courteous.

  • Complete the work to the agreed specification and standard.

  • Guarantee no hidden charges or costs.


Our staff are fully trained to deal with a wide range of cleaning and sanitising situations that present a danger to human health. We provide our specialist services throughout Essex and Suffolk. On a daily basis.


Our clients love us and so will you, Our Trauma Cleaning Teams are cost effective and make the process so simple. For a free quote, please call us on 08009750453, Mobile 07398546166 or fill out a Quick Quote for a immediate response.

Sharps search & removal

Whether it’s Searching a room for dropped needles or undertaking a complete search and removal (needle sweep) on a squat or drug den, our staff are trained to deal with the situation with a professional attitude. All collected sharps are stored in a sealed container and disposed of in accordance with local authority and the Environmental  Agency requirements. A full audit trail can be provided.

Human & Animal faeces Removal

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for bird and bat droppings (faeces) to accumulate in and around nesting and roosting sites (balcony's, attics & lofts etc). Additionally, human faeces can sometime be found in derelict buildings, squats, alleyways and waste ground. This accumulation of avian and human faeces can and does pose a very real danger to human health. Our staff are trained and experience in this type of decontamination clean up also as certified waste carriers we can remove and correctly dispose of this waste.

Body fluid clean up after an unattended death 

Following a undiscovered death a natural process results in the contamination of the area immediately surrounding the site. The contamination may include blood, urine, faeces, vomit and other bodily material & fluids. At Day 2 Day we can provide you with a professional, safe and effective decontamination clean up of the area and discretely remove and dispose of affected bedding and furniture.

Gross filth clean ups

These situations are normally referred to us by social workers, local authorities or housing associations. The collection of general waste, decaying food and often, bodily fluids, will create a very unpleasant environment. The addition of rodent and other pest infestations will result in a general situation known as gross filth accompanied by very unpleasant smells & odours. The visual and smell impact will also affect those living nearby. We work with, family members or representatives, social workers and the local authority to ensure a professional solution to all necessary clearance and decontamination requirements.

Get a Free Quote

For a no-obligation discussion about your house clearance and to arrange a free quote, please call us on 08009750453, direct on 07398546166 or fill in our Quick Quote form, we'll be in touch straight away.


We have offices in and around Essex and Suffolk

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